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Logic8 BV provides EyeQuestion, an ALL-IN-ONE software solution for Sensory and Consumer research. Covering panel management, multi channel data collection and powerful analysis and reporting tools. Our solution is server based. All users do not need to install any extra client software. A browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox is all they need. This makes our software location independent; every computer becomes a possible panellist booth or workstation. Using this technology makes our software's cost of ownership the lowest in the industry.

EyeQuestion is unique in its flexibility, customizability and user friendliness. Although it is very easy in use, our software bears a rich collection of powerful features. It is easy to add custom research methodologies, question types, analyses, reports or visual styles. It is also possible to integrate with external systems or databases using industry standards. EyeQuestion can be purchased and installed on premises (your lab or your intranet) or we can host the application for you on one of our secure servers.

Besides running EyeQuestion on a computer you can also use it on mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPads or other tablet computers. Panellists can easily fill out their questionnaire without having to sit in testbooths or writing down answers on paper. Test data collected with these mobile devices can immediately be used for data analysis. EyeQuestion currently supports Apple’s iPad, Android tablets like the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and almost every smartphone.
With EyeQuestion you are completely free to run Sensory or Consumer tests wherever you want to.



EyeContact is a powerful sampling and panel management application for Sensory and Consumer Research.
It provides a platform to create panels for all types of research projects.
Having a user friendly and intuitive web Interface, EyeContact enables you to quickly and easily build a panel and schedule individual panellist appointments in one or more test locations.


EyeQuestion is the only full-featured application for both sensory and consumer based research.
Companies that do central location sensory testing and/or consumer online testing only require one single system that serves all.
EyeQuestion was developed on modern standard technologies, applying the insights of highly experienced sensory and consumer researchers and thereby removing the limitations that older systems held.
Our innovative EyeQuestion software has become a system that meets all modern requirements regarding user friendliness, integration, security and flexibility



EyeOpeneR is a revolutionary reporting and analysis solution that will enhance your reporting productivity.
Based on the popular statistical language R, EyeOpeneR is able to perform complex statistical calculations.

Using an user friendly wizard you will be guided through the different analysis options that are available for your specific dataset.
The results of the analysis are presented in sortable tables and static or interactive charts. Results can be exported to Word, Excel or PowerPoint.